• Friendly Farmers

    Highly recommend giving Redbanks Custom Processing your business with grain finished Redbanks Beef! Honest, friendly farmers who do great work efficiently.

    - Sarah W

  • Juicy Hanger Steaks

    Picked up some juicy hanger steaks, porterhouse and ribeyes. The steaks were great and they employees were so nice!

    - Tom M

  • Treated Like Family

    I was treated like family at Red banks. They was absolutely professional. They quality of work they preform with there meats is top notch. I was very impressed with everything. I will return and keep returning to the absolutely amazing butcher.

    - E.W. Bartley

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Custom Venison Butchering

We offer expert custom venison butchering services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our skilled butchers handle your deer with the utmost care, ensuring precise cuts and optimal meat yield. Whether you want steaks, roasts, or ground venison, we provide meticulous processing and vacuum packing for maximum freshness and flavor. Trust us to deliver high-quality, professionally butchered venison for your table.

Custom Pork Butchering

Experience top-notch custom pork butchering services at our professional butcher shop. Our experienced team provides personalized processing to suit your preferences, from savory chops and roasts to perfectly seasoned sausage. Each cut is handled with precision and care, ensuring the highest quality meat. We also offer vacuum packing to maintain freshness and extend shelf life. Let us transform your pork into delicious, ready-to-cook portions.

Custom Beef Butchering

We offer custom beef processing and packing designed to meet your exact specifications. Our dedicated butchers expertly handle each piece of beef, providing you with perfectly cut steaks, roasts, and ground beef. We ensure that every cut is of the highest quality and vacuum pack the meat for optimal freshness. Whether for personal consumption or commercial use, trust us to deliver our own premium beef products tailored to your needs.

Custom Butchering Orders

We also prepare custom hams, bacons, sausage, bologna, snack sticks, hot dogs, kielbasa, bratwurst, dried beef, and more.

Give us a call to order your custom butchering today!

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